Current and former athletes face unique challenges in and outside of sports. Performance-driven lifestyles centered around being “the best” can create extreme internal intensity for some. Athletes who dedicate years of their lives preparing their physical gifts often neglect the emotional or vulnerable parts of themselves. Many athletes grow up internalizing phrases like “just fight through the pain”, “toughen up” or “don’t be soft”. These mantras are rarely helpful in dealing with anxiety, depression, and other internal life challenges. As a former professional football player who has taken his journey through athletics onto therapy, I have a deep understanding of athlete challenges. I provide both individual and group therapy opportunities for athletes/ex-athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy duration is different for every client. So much of a person's ability to heal inside depends on their internal challenges coupled with how much connection their internal and external world has to offer. Some people need a lot more support and this could equate to a longer duration in therapy. Therapy is not a quick fix but is a dedication to change, where people can invest in themselves and their inner challenges on a weekly basis. Therapy is also not a permanent thing that lasts years, but a seasonal commitment.

Standard counseling sessions last 50 minutes. Sometimes people will want more time and 90-minute sessions are available.

No. After we connect via email then we set up a 20-minute call. This call is important for me to hear about what is going on with you, and also for you to find out about me and how I work as a therapist. There is no charge for the call and no problem at all if you do not decide to move forward in therapy.

I do not take insurance. For clients who inquire, I will provide a "superbill". A superbill is an itemized receipt of services provided, costs incurred, diagnosis, and procedure codes from a mental health service provider to a client. Some insurance companies will partially reimburse clients for "out of network" costs for mental health services. Clients who are interested should call their insurance companies and ask if their plan will reimburse for out of network mental health providers and what is required for submission.

I worked with sports psychologists for two different teams while I was in the NFL. Based on my experience, sports psychologists work on specific outcomes athletes have or desire in their sport. Most work with some form of performance anxiety and competitive challenges associated with athletic achievement. Where sports psychologists work on the outcomes, or leaves of the trees, I would work more with the roots or inner workings of the trees(clients internal world). Based on my experience as an athlete if you can deal with the challenges or intensities deep under the surfaces of yourself, performance usually increases as a byproduct.

Absolutely not! All are welcome in my practice. Athletes do share many commonalities across sports, but you need not have ever played a sport to be welcomed as a beautiful person in my office!

Yes. Therapy can come in many forms and if you are an athlete who wants to overcome a specific challenge, or grow in certain other areas of your sport we can create a roadmap and a plan of attack for you.

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