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Professional men and women face incredible challenges. Living in a business world that values monetary success over personal fulfillment, millions of American professionals are burnt out, frustrated or fearful about their future. I help professionals who are intentional about facing their internal challenges and redefining their own success. My experience as a former entrepreneur helps me create a unique environment for highly driven professionals.

Athletes & Performers

Having a life that is geared toward the singular purpose of performance or being “the best” can have harmful consequences. My work with current and former athletes and performers centers around meeting mental and behavioral health needs of a population that has been taught to just “fight through it” and suppress their feelings. As a former professional football player, I have extensive expertise in understanding and connecting with athletes and performers. 

Teenage Boys 16+

Teenage boys (Age 16 and up) go through incredible changes and struggles in this intense time of their lives. I work with young men who struggle internally to make sense of what is happening as both their minds and bodies are rapidly changing. As a father of 3 sons, an athlete who spent 25 years around young men, and former coach I am confident in providing a healing and therapeutic environment for boys.

Mental Health Counseling Services



Struggles with anxiety can feel hopeless – especially during pandemic times. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I provide individual and group therapy sessions to those challenged by anxiety - both in-person and virtually.

in-office or remote depressions therapy and counseling


Feelings of despair and helplessness characterize the battle with depression – and it's a fight you don't have to face alone. I offer both in-person and virtual counseling sessions to those challenged by depression.

Grief Counseling


At times, the pain of grief can cloud these options and we can feel lost. No matter how challenging life seems, you have options. All people experience grief at some point in their life, but the challenges that follow are unique to everyone.



Social connection is one of the most powerful tools in conquering mental challenges – and strengthening those connections in an inviting, empathetic environment is the best way to regain a relational balance.

Mental Health Therapy

Meet David Ball

Licensed Professional Counselor
Mental Health Service Provider (#4445)
National Certified Counselor (#1201861)
Former Pigskin Chaser (#98)

Frequently Asked Questions

Life is hard. People deal with a lot of internal pain. If you are a person who has been carrying some pain and it feels like no matter what you do, the pain will not change, then maybe it is time to talk to a professional. An inner challenge is a part of life. Feelings like anxiety, shame, guilt, sadness, and rage are all a part of the human experience. If there are certain feelings, behaviors, or thoughts that are way out of balance, then talking to a professional who is dedicated to exploring and helping people in your situation may help.

When a person enters into a relationship with a mental health professional, they should expect to be connected to a person who is clear, honest, caring, and supportive. Clients should expect they are working with a professional therapist who will continue to create a safe space for their thoughts, feelings, and sensations NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE. My clients have the green light to share with me anything they desire and I strive to create a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves with me. So much of healing or internal change takes place when people feel safe enough to go to certain places inside themselves.

I work with everyone and am not a fan of specialization of clientele. I am a "taste the rainbow" type of person who does not want to just see one "type" of client. In my practice over time I have a lot of experience working with professional men and women, teenage boys, and people who are performers or achievers in some way. It seems like these populations just kind of "chose me" at first. But I love learning and connecting with diverse groups of people from all walks of life.  I am open and inclusive to any background, persuasion, ethnicity, sexual/gender orientation, socio economic status etc. One of the amazing things about being a therapist is learning about so many incredible and different outlooks of life. I may consider not working with people who root for USC football though. HA!

Therapy is confidential up to a certain extent. Adolescents in therapy who are 16 and older in the state of Tennessee have the same rights to confidentiality as adults. If a client has a definitive plan to end their lives or someone else's, knows of ongoing abuse of a child 18 years or younger, knows of a disabled person or elderly person who is being abused, I may have to break confidentiality and share this knowledge with others. Working with adolescents, I tell both parents and kids upfront that IF there is something intense going on it would be healthy to talk about it as a family if the family structure is safe enough. I work with many adolescents on communication skills with parents about challenging issues so they feel more able to express inner intensities with those who care for them.

Standard counseling sessions last 50 minutes. Sometimes people will want more time and 90-minute sessions are available.

There are many treatment options available for anxiety – including (but not limited to), psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, meditation, yoga, support groups, and medication.

Group therapy and individual therapy serve different functions – and one is not necessarily more or less effective than the other. Group counseling techniques are beneficial in creating confidence in healthy relational coping strategies that create social connectedness with others. These sessions are intended for people to critically listen to others, gain multiple perspectives, share feedback, and strengthen their ability to interact and connect with others.

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