People who experience mental health challenges usually feel quite alone and stuck in their struggles. Getting unstuck takes intentionality, consistency, energy and human connection. Individual treatment is different for each client, but the environment I create stays the same…..Clients I work with are nurtured, validated and treated like semi rockstars each week. People who feel connected to their therapists get better outcomes, and I strive to make a genuine human connection each week with every person who sits across from me. After clients feel plugged in and validated, they usually begin to reconnect with parts of themselves and can create change in their lives.



I work with professional men and women to create a different kind of success which can lead to lasting fulfillment for themselves and those around them.



As a former professional football player who has taken his own journey through athletics onto therapy, I have a deep understanding of athlete challenges.

Adolescents Mental Health Counseling


As a father who is also a therapist, some of the best moves I have made for my sons have come from getting trusted outside perspectives and trying different strategies.



Struggles with anxiety can feel hopeless – especially during pandemic times. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I provide individual and group therapy sessions to those challenged by anxiety - both in-person and virtually.

in-office or remote depressions therapy and counseling


Feelings of despair and helplessness characterize the battle with depression – and it's a fight you don't have to face alone. I offer both in-person and virtual counseling sessions to those challenged by depression.

Grief Counseling


At times, the pain of grief can cloud these options and we can feel lost. No matter how challenging life seems, you have options. All people experience grief at some point in their life, but the challenges that follow are unique to everyone.



Social connection is one of the most powerful tools in conquering mental challenges – and strengthening those connections in an inviting, empathetic environment is the best way to regain a relational balance.

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